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What to do before moving house

Important things to do before moving

A change is one of the moments in life when the nostalgia of leaving your home and, at the same time, the happiness of starting a new life project in another house are mixed. However, it is advised that you try to put your emotions aside a little, and organize the change in the best possible and most effective way.

Pay attention to these tips to make a change quickly and successfully:

Develop a structured plan for how your move will be

A good change always starts with planning a time management that will help you make it as efficient as possible.

Desta forma, calcule as horas e dias que vai dedicar às limpezas, ao tempo que tem que estar a etiquetar as caixas e ainda o que tem de fazer com todos os procedimentos a tratar com as companhias de energia e ligar a luz, água,  pedir a portabilidade do seu telefone ou contratar internet.

Throw away or donate everything you no longer need

In order to make a change more effective and in the best possible way, and as we have to put a series of actions in order, the first thing to take into account is the organization of what we want to take, and that means that we have to clean things up before pack them.

Throw away everything that just takes up space in drawers and cabinets. Leave only the essentials. Know that the vast majority of removal companies charge based on the weight of the furniture to be transported.

Take charge of objects that have a lot of sentimental value

Let the moving company take care of taking the furniture and appliances that weigh the most, and be the one who takes the most delicate objects or that have the greatest sentimental value.

Also know that it is important that you can carry a kit of basic products in your car for the first days in the new home (food, electronic devices, hygiene products, etc.). This will save you more time and reduce costs.

Do not throw away everything you have in the drawers.

Leave clothes or accessories that don’t weigh too much, since they don’t bother you there, and as the moving company will take you, it won’t give you much work. For example, you can leave out your summer clothes and swimwear, and take the time to pack and wrap the furniture.

Following this advice, you won’t need so many boxes at the same time that it will be easier for you to find everything you’ve saved.

Find out about any contractual changes you must make.

Be careful about connecting the electricity or if you have to make any changes to the telecommunications contract.

Conte com uma empresa líder para as suas mudanças nacionais ou internacionais.