Moving with elevator – Cargo lifts

Vídeo Published on 10/04/2015

Moving with elevator. This video shows a lift moving, a special vehicle with the lift load function. The video is amateur and unedited so that the viewer can have the most real version of the facts. In this Service moving company – Transportes Senhora da Agonia, lda. is an expert!

Removals with external lift

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Elevator service

Moving with elevator

The company TSA MudançasTransportes Senhora da Agonia, Lda. Is characterized by its customers in general, as a company that provides a careful and professional service. It uses special vehicles for special functions. With regard to cargo transport outside the building, he has a great experience. This form of loading can be observed, as if in direct, in the viewing of the video on this page.
It is an amateur video, but honest.
This is what the company intends to do for each customer.

“The company TSA Mudanças makes changes, mostly in Portugal and takes its goods over long distances with all the care, excellence and agility that the company is proud to have.
With a simple telephone contact, inform yourself about the work provided in terms of international changes and testimonials from customers that we have changed in recent years.”

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