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Tips for moving house. Your tasks in the event of a move

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It is only from the day he decides to move house that he starts to make contact with a series of usual procedures, under these circumstances, that he had never realized before. So that you don’t do it in the dark, take advantage of the list below and complement it in your own way. And now I wish you well so that you can be happy in your new home.

Tips for moving house

Do these tasks in the order you think is most logical so that everything is ready on the day of the move. These are just tips for moving house. – Start by making an inventory or list of everything you have to transport, from the largest objects to the smallest, the most fragile, the most valuable, etc. – Gather in advance all the materials you can get, to package everything, such as boxes and crates . Ask in household appliances, decoration, department stores, supermarkets, etc. for when you start to pack you have these packages with you. – Do not forget that there must be a good amount of old newspapers and magazines, and materials, more or less “padded”, like strips of styrofoam, for everything to go well.
– Identify each box and make a list of everything inside. – It’s good that you have that wonderful thick glue tape that you can use to close the packages. It is also useful to have a thick marker to write the level of fragility of the content, as well as to identify the position in which it should be transported. (an arrow pointing towards the top) -At your post office, try to request the re-dispatch of postal correspondence, scheduled from “a certain date” to your new address, a service that can be provided to you and that gives a enormous convenience, ensuring that nothing is “lost”. – All documents have a contact address, so it is very important that you change the address with the various entities. Examples are: Citizen Card, Tax Entity (finance), Social Security, Health Centers, Banks, Insurance Companies, among other entities that have their current address and that it is essential that they are informed of this change of place of residence. -Important is not to pack too early, which may be necessary days before the move. There is an object that should only be boxed in the last week. Others that are of great value and should not be given to others. Always staying “close to your eyes”. -Try to contact your suppliers of the various services related to your home, such as suppliers of Water, Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Television, Internet, etc. or to carry over current contracts or to search for new suppliers for your new home. – Some of the services referred to above, such as the packaging of certain objects, the dismantling of furniture, appliances, etc. can be a task assigned to the removal company, which will initially have technicians specialized in these tasks and who can guarantee the best way to ensure that nothing is damaged and there are no “screws left”. – All shelves, wardrobes and drawers have many of the items that can be packed with more time in advance, take this into account to be doing a part of the packaging, as the day of moving and transportation approaches. Be organized if you disassembled anything, keep all parts, screws, nuts, etc. so that the montage is not martyrdom. – At these times, there is always the feeling that there is a lot of “garbage” that can go directly to the bin, for recycling and even that can be given to someone who needs or sold in advance. If you want, start with your storage, attic, pantry, etc. to detect everything that could “fall behind”. – In the past few days in your old home, turn off appliances, preparing them for transportation day. It is for these occasions that you should have instruction manuals close by so that you can have the best procedure with these devices so that they do not malfunction, as you do not take the precautions suggested by the brands. – Personal hygiene items, day clothes and pajamas, underwear and food are the last to be carried so that you can have them handy at any time when you arrive at your new home and can use them. – On the day of the move, take a careful walk around the house and don’t forget the “hiding place”, so as not to leave anything you need behind. – Follow the moving team so that everything is transported responsibly, preventing any damage with all valuables, fragile items, etc. – Now in the new home, don’t forget and let friends and family know, by sms, phone, email, etc. so that they are not caught off guard. – There is undoubtedly a number of aspects that my explanation lacks for your case. But as each case is different, keep these tips to move house, on your PC, tablet or Smartfone and as you remember, adapt to your case, completing with the maximum of procedures that adapt to you and that , for sure, you won’t want to forget. (exclusive text by Fernando Graça for the website +