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Choose an experienced mover with its own branch in Portugal
Are you going to enjoy beautiful Portugal? Do you want to emigrate or buy a second home in Portugal to spend the winter? Do you want to live in a sunny country where you can spend a lot of time outdoors? At a pace that suits your life? You are right! Just like many before you have already chosen to move to Northern Portugal, Lisbon, Coimbra or the sunny Algarve.

Your Portugal adventure has started with the purchase of a beautiful house.
You now want to furnish your house or apartment with personal items, often with high (emotional) value. And these items must be transported safely and reliably to Portugal.

Moved from the any EU Countru like Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands or  Belgium, France, Germany ,Sweden, Denmark,Norway , Ireland or UK to Portugal in a good and affordable way, when you want it. So that you can arrange all other matters, because it is a fact that a lot needs to be arranged.

Like many before you, choose to have your Portugal move taken care of by a reliable and affordable Moving Company, which specializes in moves to and from Portugal. And can therefore transport removals with a large moving truck,
in a combination transport with lower moving costs, so that you move well and cheaper.

How much does a move to Portugal actually cost?
The rates for a move to Portugal largely depend on the amount of items, because the costs for transport to Portugal determine a large part of the moving costs.
Would you like to know what your move to Portugal will cost? To transport a few items or complete household contents? Then request a quote or cost estimate without obligation from a moving company that specializes in removals to and
from Portugal.

TSA Removals!

We have started many years ago offering moving and transport services to and from Portugal. Both to high-rise apartments, senior homes, detached houses in urbanizations and very luxurious villas with exclusive furnishings.

Over the years, thowsands of EU residentes but also Americans, Chineses etc
have moved to sunnier places through TSA Removals.

And did you know that not only private individuals, but also fellow European moving companies choose us to arrange Portugal removals for their customers? That makes us extra proud.

You can also request the cost price from us for a move from anywhere in Europ to Portugal or vice versa.
With a moving truck or moving container. In a safe and professional manner.

What is the advantage of Portugal moving specialist TSA Removals?

We offer regular trips from Portugal to most of European countries!
This way our employees can easily deal with any local setbacks. And they have already experienced everything. So that they always have the best solution for you.
The regular routes ensure full moving trucks and combination benefits for you as a customer. On average, we take items for 5 to 6 customers with us on a moving trip. Not only to Portugal, but also back to and Portugal but many times
Spain and Europe also.
With this large number of removals, we can optimally fill our moving trucks and thus spread the costs of the journey. This means the best moving service for you at the lowest possible costs.
Wealso offer safe storage of your belongings in Portugal for very good rates!
We focus every day on ensuring satisfied customers. We are therefore happy with their assessment, and we want to do a little better every day. Therefore, feel free to read the reviews from many customers in which they share their
experiences with TSA Removals.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us for removals to or from Portugal or other countries. We like to help you!

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