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Before moving house – 10 Tasks – Leases


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Before moving house…
Do you think you’ve found the ideal home? Be sure to consult this list before moving

before moving house


Finding the ideal home to live in is a difficult job. But it is not only with the choice of the house that you should be concerned when renting. There are a number of precautions you should take and, although the risks are not the same as those who buy a home, it is always necessary to remember. Homelovers gives some advice to take into account when moving. Here is the list:

1. New Lease Law. If you are going to rent a house, make sure that the contract covers the New Lease Law, which came into force in November 2012.

2. Deposits. Inquire if the conditions of return of the deposit are guaranteed. Sometimes the owner takes the security because it is not quite explicit in the contract as it is returned.

3. Can you discount the rent on the IRS? Do good tax planning for your new home. Remember that if you already own a home and rent a second one, you will not be able to discount its value in the IRS.

4. Take an inventory. In the case of renting a house that is already furnished, be sure to make an inventory of the existing furniture and any possible damage that it may have, so that later you will not be held responsible for the damage. This idea also works, for example, for the condition of the walls of the house.

5. Check the condition of the plumbing and electrical system. It is essential to know if these aspects of the house are in good condition and if they were recently replaced so that later they will not give you problems, namely water pressure or lack of preparation for large electrical loads, which can be a great inconvenience in winter when there are several heaters connected simultaneously.

6. Visit the house during the day. Before signing the contract it is important to visit the property during the day, to find out the solar layout of the house, where the sun rises and where it sets. A bad position can generate more cold and humidity.

7. Find out about the neighborhood. Try to visit the property at a busier time of day to try to see if the house has sound problems, which are often bothersome at night, or if there are animals in the building. One suggestion is to try to speak to the gatekeeper or a store owner near the location in question to try to gather more information about the new neighbors.

8. Parking. If you have a car, be sure to check where you can park it. If there is no garage, confirm that you are in an easy parking area and, more importantly, that there are parking meters. Remember that to obtain the residence badge, the lease must be registered in the finances.

9. Repairs. Sometimes the owners superficially improve the property to hide problems that come up later, namely problems with humidity, infiltrations and plumbing. Know that even without being stipulated in the contract, the owner is by law obliged to ensure the repair of structural problems in the house. If the owner refuses to carry out the repairs, the tenant may terminate the contract on the grounds of a lack of conditions. In case the problems arise due to lack of care on the part of the tenant, the responsibility becomes yours.

10. Payment of consumption. Generally, gas, electricity or water consumptions are not included in the contracts, especially if they are long term, but you can try to agree this aspect with the owner by proposing a value.

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