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External truck elevator is an essential tool in Moving

External truck elevator

Moving services with an external lift are frequent, we have cars suitable for this type of cargo and transport. In our company we highly value all objects and we try to take every care so that everything goes from one house to another intact.

Outdoor lift. After carefully considering and taking into account all the precautions to be taken with your objects, if access is easier “from the outside”, with an outside elevator, we still propose this option of transporting changes, especially since this option becomes generally faster. External elevator. Removals Service

We bet on specialized professionals and we have the vehicles indicated for each change.

See here some more pictures of the services provided with Exterior Elevator / Outdoor lift

MudaTudo lifting services eliminate the hassle and inability to move large items in multi-storey buildings and can move you around much faster.

Our professional elevator can quickly transfer your large furniture or building materials from the street to a window, balcony or roof area without the need for scaffolding or a large crane / crane on site.

In addition to providing our lift truck, our professionals are trained to ensure that you transport your furniture or construction materials safely across the balcony, roof or window opening.

There are many benefits to using our external lift vehicle for moving services