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Moving house – MEO TV Services

To Change Residence, in your removal process,
“Opening your eyes” to a series of important factors when you choose to move, is to open your concern to the list of fundamental tasks to take into account when we have to move our place of residence, to another geographical position. There will be many social and functional aspects that we will have to adjust in our life in order to quickly adapt to change. From then on, it will be easier, point by point, in an organized way, to think and plan this moment better in advance. Your move can be better considered if you look at the facts from all perspectives. Think of the calm. The changes will be constant in your life, in this and that aspect “things” are changing. Even television, telephone and internet services

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Your move can be a headache, so let us handle the transfer of your MEO to your new address.

Change residence

Moving house can be a headache. Let us handle the transfer of your MEO to your new address – be it the bottom floor of your building or any other location (in mainland Portugal or islands), where the MEO service is available.

House removals

When joining MEO at the new address and if you have had the service for more than 6 months, installing the service at the new address is free. a cost of € 80. Does my contract have any changes? Yes, your previous contract ends and a new 12 month loyalty period for telephone or internet + telephone services or 24 months for MEO packages with television begins. We are a family owned and operated business.

How to schedule the change?
Ask to be contacted free of charge or call 16200 (see tariff) to schedule the day of the move. If you need to change the date, call us at least 48 hours in advance. Can I keep the same phone number when I move? You can keep the same phone number as long as within the same group of the network, for example, 21 (Lisbon), 22 (Porto). Take advantage and choose the best offer for you, know all the available packages.

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